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Christmas is the ultimate season for the big kid inside us all – and even for fully-fledged grown-ups, you’re never too old to receive the occasional toy (especially if you switch to calling them ‘collectables’ or ‘memorabilia’). Empire has pulled together some of the very best movie toys out there, from premium replicas and buildable kits to Funko Pops, board games, and much, much more. Scroll down to read Empire’s pick of the movie toys any fan would be thrilled to unwrap this Christmas.

James Bond Scalextric DB5 vs V8

James Bond Scalextric

Let’s not relitigate the conversation around what 007’s greatest set of wheels is. Instead, handle it like the Fast & Furious family: let’s race! Send the Aston Martin DB5 and the Aston Martin V8 hurtling around a Scalextric track. Winner gets a licence to kill. Probably. (Licence to kill not guaranteed.)

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Funko Advent Calendars

Funko Advent Calendars

Why settle for chocolate coins when your yuletide rundown can be punctuated with a daily dose of Funko miniatures? With variants ranging from Marvel and DC to Star Wars and classic Disney, these are packed with mini figures of all your favourite characters — but with a festive twist! A joyous alternative to the usual advent fare.

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LEGO Indiana Jones – Temple Of The Golden Idol

Lego Indy

One of the greatest opening sequences of all time becomes a must-build diorama. The boulder! The booby traps! The golden idol statue! It’s all here, perfect for both play and display. In fact, it belongs in a museum.

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Gloomhaven has long been considered the lord of all board games — but that was before its successor, Frosthaven, came along. Bursting with a new 100 scenario campaign and entirely new mechanics in a new, icy setting, this is a modern masterpiece wrought from cardboard — this is the undisputed king of boardgame kind.

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Marcel The Shell Figure

Marcel The Shell

Here’s a quick way to improve literally anybody’s life: give them a Marcel The Shell. The cutesy carapace – the title star of one of 2023’s most heartwarming movies – is straight-up adorable, a source of wisdom, and ready to provide quiet inspiration in your hour of need. Direct from A24’s shop, this metal figure comes with his own matchbox home. Protect him at all costs – and he’ll do the same to you.

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Funko Pop: The Muppet Christmas Carol – Bob Crachit And Tiny Tim

Muppet Christmas Carol

The greatest cinematic adaptation of Dickens (no, we won’t be taking questions) begets a festive Funko – one that’ll be enjoyed in Christmases past, present and future. God bless us, everyone.

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Talk To Me Party Hand

Talk To Me Hand

In every minute of its runtime, this year’s most hardcore horror had one simple message: avoid, at all costs, using the mysterious embalmed hand to contact the spirits of the dead. That way, madness lies. Except… is it just us, or does it seem like it could be fun to… you know, use the mysterious embalmed hand to contact the spirits of the dead? If you agree, you can purchase one from A24. Use responsibly.

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LEGO Star Wars – Emperor’s Throne Room

Lego Throne Room

40 years ago, the original Star Wars trilogy came to a close in the ultimate showdown: Luke Skywalker facing off against Darth Vader (and Emperor Palpatine) on the Death Star II. Four decades later, there’s a LEGO build for that. This anniversary set is perfect for Return Of The Jedi fans, with must-have minifigs (Luke! Vader! Palpatine, complete with Force lightning powers!), and adorned with one of the saga’s most spine-tingling quotes: “I am a Jedi, like my father before me.” Merry Sith-mas, everyone.

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A24 Playing Cards: 10 Year Collector’s Set

A24 Cards

Spice up your next poker night with the cinephile’s deck of choice: a standard pack of playing cards, but featuring cinematic queens (Evelyn from Everything Everywhere All At Once, Pearl from Pearl), kings (Gawain from The Green Knight, Howard from Uncut Gems, and most importantly Black Phillip the goat from The Witch) and aces (Marcel The Shell) from across 10 years of A24 flicks. The picturehouse always wins.

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Barbie: I Am Kenough Hoodie

I Am Kenough

Not exactly a toy – but an item of clothing fit for a toy. Bring the Kenergy with this year’s must-have look, perfect for staying warm before the return of the season (and job) known simply as ‘Beach’.

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Star Wars: Black Series Force Ghost Triple Pack

Force Spirits

Somehow, Hasbro has managed to make action figures that really look like Force Ghosts – here, in this Return Of The Jedi anniversary pack, you’ll get shimmery blue spectral versions of Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen version, sorry Sebastian Shaw), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness version, sorry Ewan McGregor) and Yoda (puppet version, sorry prequel-era CGI Yoda). A gift to bring balance to the Force. Or, at the very least, your display shelf.

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LEGO Walt Disney Tribute Camera

Lego Camera

Calling all animation-heads. Celebrating 100 years of Disney, this is a fitting celebration of the behind-the-scenes craft of moviemaking. Sure, the main vintage camera and tripod build is a lovely tribute to the fundamentals of film – but the coolest thing here is the little bonus build of the multiplane camera, the game-changing tech that allowed Disney to make Snow White, with a minifigure of Walt Disney himself.

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Star Wars: Chatter Back Chopper Droid


It’s every Star Wars Rebels fan’s dream: have your very own argument with cantankerous droid Chopper. The animated favourite – beloved for his beep-boop-bickering and complete disdain for organic life – finally made the leap to live-action in Ahsoka. And now, in toy form, he can call you the worst names under the twin suns with total autonomy, and even shake his articulated arms in your general direction. We’d translate what he’s saying, but frankly it’s not fit for publication.

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The Muppets: Kermit Plush

Hi-ho! Ensure your rainbow connection is strong with a Muppet must-have. Perfectly paired with a rewatch or The Muppet Christmas Carol. Or, let’s be honest, a re-rewatch.

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Star Wars: Ahsoka Tano – The Black Series Figure

Ahsoka Figure

15 years after her animated Clone Wars debut, galactic hero Ahsoka Tano ascended to live-action, headline-status title character in, well, Ahsoka. This Black Series figure is a wonderfully-detailed recreation of the character as portrayed by Rosario Dawson. Prepare to spend hours working out cool dual-lightsaber poses.

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Indiana Jones (Last Crusade) – Adventure Series Figure

Indy Figure

Does the person you’re gifting for know that the penitent man will pass? That, in the Latin, Jehovah begins with an ‘I’? That the cup of Christ would be the cup of a carpenter rather than a gold chalice? Then trust us: they’ll love this.

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Football Commentary Charts

Football charts

Not a toy in the strictest sense but it certainly is a funny old game. More a stocking filler for the bigger kids in your life, these match-specific commentary charts from best-in-the-biz Clive Tyldesley celebrate the key moments from iconic matches in an attractive yet informative way.

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