Rebel Moon Part 2 Teaser Trailer Promises War

Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver

by James White |
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Depending on your feelings towards the first part of Zack Snyder's big sci-fi action adventure Rebel Moon, the sight of a teaser for Part Two, subtitled The Scargiver is either likely to fill you with excitement or put you in mind of something black and coal shaped at the foot of a Christmas stocking. Still, it has landed, and it promises plenty of battle action as Kora (Sofia Boutella) mounts a full defence of the moon of Veldt against the forces of the Motherworld. Check it out…

The Scargiver continues the epic saga of Kora and the surviving warriors as they prepare to sacrifice everything, fighting alongside the brave people of Veldt, to defend a once peaceful village, a newfound homeland for those who have lost their own in the fight against the Motherworld.

On the eve of their battle the warriors must face the truths of their own pasts, each revealing why they fight. As the full force of the Realm bears down on the burgeoning rebellion, unbreakable bonds are forged, heroes emerge, and legends are made.

With any luck, there will be more character backstory revealed here (though as Snyder is promising longer, different director's cuts of both movies, so some of that will likely be held for those) alongside all the promised battle stuff.

Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver arrives on Netflix on 19 April. Happy Moonmas?

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